Batesford Quarry (Miocene to of Australia)

Where: Victoria, Australia (38.1° S, 144.3° E: paleocoordinates 48.2° S, 142.6° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

When: Batesford Limestone Formation, Early/Lower Miocene to Early/Lower Miocene (23.0 - 11.6 Ma)

• Batesfordian

Environment/lithology: marine; calcareous sandstone

• calcareous sand and gravel

Size class: macrofossils

Preservation: original phosphate

Primary reference: E. M. G. Fitzgerald. 2004. The fossil record of cetaceans (Mammalia) on the Australian continent. The Fossil Collector 72:5-32 [M. Uhen/M. Uhen/M. Uhen]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 51330: authorized by Mark Uhen, entered by Mark Uhen on 02.06.2005

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Odontaspidida - Carcharodontidae
"Isurus hastalis" = Cosmopolitodus hastalis2, "Isurus planus" = Cosmopolitodus hastalis2
"Isurus hastalis" = Cosmopolitodus hastalis2 Agassiz 1843 elasmobranch
"Isurus planus" = Cosmopolitodus hastalis2 Agassiz 1843 elasmobranch
 Lamniformes - Otodontidae
"Carcharodon megalodon" = Otodus megalodon2
"Carcharodon megalodon" = Otodus megalodon2 Agassiz 1843 megalodon
 Lamniformes - Lamnidae
Lamnidae indet.2 Müller and Henle 1838 mackerel shark
Isurus sp.2 Agassiz 1843 mako shark
Isurus retroflexus2 Agassiz 1843 mako shark
Isurus cf. paucus2 Guitart-Manday 1966 mako shark
"Isurus oxyrhynchus" = Isurus oxyrinchus2 Rafinesque 1810 mako shark
"Isurus cf. oxyrhynchus" = Isurus oxyrinchus2 Rafinesque 1810 mako shark
Isurus desori2 Sismonda 1849 mako shark
 Lamniformes - Odontaspididae
Carcharoides totuserratus1 Ameghino 1901 sand tiger shark
Carcharias taurus2 Rafinesque 1810 sand shark
 Carchariniformes - Carcharhinidae
Galeocerdo aduncus2 Agassiz 1843 tiger shark
Carcharhinus sp.2 de Blainville 1816 requiem shark
Carcharhinus cf. brachyurus2 Gunther 1870 requiem shark
 Carchariniformes - Sphyrnidae
Sphyrna sp.2 Rafinesque 1810 hammerhead shark
Sphyrna prisca1 Agassiz 1843 hammerhead shark
 Orectolobiformes - Orectolobidae
Orectolobus sp.2 wobbegong
 Pristiophoriformes - Pristiophoridae
Pristiophorus lanceolatus2 Davis 1888 saw shark
 Hexanchiformes - Hexanchidae
Notorhynchus primigenius2 Agassiz 1843 sevengill shark
 Labriformes - Labridae
Labrodon sp.2 Gervais 1857
 Sphenisciformes - Spheniscidae
Spheniscidae indet.2 Bonaparte 1831 penguin
 Diprotodontia - Diprotodontidae
Diprotodontidae indet.2 Gill 1872 diprotodont marsupial
 Cetacea - Cetotheriidae
Cetotheriidae indet. Brandt 1872 whale
 Cetacea - Squalodontidae
Squalodontidae indet. Brandt 1873 toothed whale
 Cetacea - Physeteridae
Physeteridae indet. Gray 1821 sperm whale