Doby Springs (Pleistocene of the United States)

Where: Harper County, Oklahoma (36.7° N, 99.9° W: paleocoordinates 36.7° N, 99.7° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

When: Irvingtonian (1.8 - 0.3 Ma)

• said to be Illinoian

Environment/lithology: terrestrial

Primary reference: J. J. Stephens. 1960. Stratigraphy and Paleontology of a late Pleistocene basin, Harper County, Oklahoma. Geological Society America Bulletin 71 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/J. Ju]more details

PaleoDB collection 20309: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 07.06.1994, edited by Jason Head

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• "from three layers, within 10 feet of stratigraphic section. Five localities, all in the N1/4SW1/4 sec. 10, T. 27 N., &R. 24 W."
 Salientia - Hylidae
Pseudacris triseriata4 Wied 1838 western chorus frog
"Pseudacris triseriata cf. triseriata"
 Squamata - Anguidae
Ophisaurus attenuatus5 Cope 1880 Slender glass lizard
 Squamata - Colubridae
Coluber constrictor3 Linnaeus 1758 black racer
Pituophis catenifer3 gopher snake
Thamnophis sp.3 Fitzinger 1843 garter snake
Nerodia sp.2 Baird and Girard 1853 water snake
 Rodentia - Cricetidae
Podomys oklahomensis1 Stephens 1960 mouse
Ondatra cf. zibethicus7 Linnaeus 1766 muskrat
Microtus pennsylvanicus Ord 1815 meadow vole
Peromyscus cf. cochrani Hibbard 1955 deer mouse
Onychomys cf. leucogaster Wied-Neuwied 1841 northern grasshopper mouse
 Rodentia - Sciuridae
Spermophilus cf. richardsonii1 Sabine 1822 ground squirrel
Spermophilus tridecemlineatus1 Mitchell 1821 thirteen-lined ground squirrel
 Rodentia - Geomyidae
Thomomys sp. Wied-Neuwied 1839 pocket gopher
Geomys bursarius Shaw 1800 plains pocket gopher
 Rodentia - Castoridae
Castoroides cf. ohioensis6 Foster 1838 giant beaver
large castorid
 Rodentia - Zapodidae
Zapus sp. Coues 1876 jumping mouse
 Lagomorpha - Leporidae
Lepus sp. Linnaeus 1758 hare
 Perissodactyla - Equidae
Equus sp. Linnaeus 1758 horse
Equus niobrarensis Hay 1913 horse
 Tribosphenida - Soricidae
Sorex cinereus Kerr 1792 cinereus shrew
Sorex palustris Richardson 1828 American water shrew
Sorex arcticus Kerr 1792 arctic shrew
Blarina brevicauda Say 1823 northern short-tailed shrew
confirmed by Jones et al. 1984
 Ferae -
Carnivora indet. Bowditch 1821 carnivoran
two forms, large and small
 Proboscidea - Elephantidae
Mammuthus sp. Brookes 1828 mammoth
 Ungulata - Camelidae
Camelops sp. Leidy 1854 camel
 Ungulata - Bovidae
Bison cf. latifrons Harlan 1825 bison
 Ungulata - Antilocapridae
Antilocapridae indet. Gray 1866 pronghorn