St. Petersburg Times Site ( of the United States)

Where: Pinellas County, Florida (27.8° N, 82.7° W: paleocoordinates 27.9° N, 82.1° W)

• coordinate stated in text

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Pinecrest Beds Member (Tamiami Formation), Blancan (4.9 - 1.8 Ma)

• from a single "0.5 to 1.0 m thick layer"

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: mire or swamp; black, sandy mudstone

• "quiet water depositional setting... pond, swamp, or marsh"
• "black sandy organic sediment"

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Collection methods: salvage, quarrying,

Primary reference: G. S. Morgan and R. B. Ridgway. 1987. Late Pliocene (late Blancan) vertebrates from the St. Petersburg Times site, Pinellas County, Florida, with a brief review of Florida Blancan faunas. Papers in Florida Paleontology 1:1-22 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/J. Alroy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 19764: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 18.02.1993

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Architaenioglossa - Viviparidae
 Siluriformes - Ictaluridae
Ictalurus sp. Rafinesque 1820 catfish
 Lepisosteiformes - Lepisosteidae
Lepisosteus sp. Agassiz 1843 gar
 Salientia - Ranidae
Rana sp. Linnaeus 1758 frog
 Caudata - Urodela
Siren cf. lacertina Linnaeus 1766 greater siren
 Testudines - Trionychidae
Trionychidae indet. Gray 1825 softshell turtle
 Testudines - Kinosternoidea
Kinosternon sp. von Spix 1824 mud turtle
 Testudines - Panchelydridae
"Macroclemys cf. temmincki" = Macrochelys temminckii
"Macroclemys cf. temmincki" = Macrochelys temminckii Troost 1835 Alligator snapping turtle
 Testudines - Pantestudinidae
Geochelone sp. Fitzinger 1835 turtle
subgenus Caudochelys
 Testudines - Panemydidae
Terrapene cf. carolina Linnaeus 1758 common box turtle
 Gruiformes - Rallidae
Rallus sp., Fulica sp., "Porphyrula sp." = Porphyrio
Rallus sp. Linnaeus 1758 rail
two forms
Fulica sp. Linnaeus 1758 rail
"Porphyrula sp." = Porphyrio Brisson 1760 rail
 Podicipediformes - Podicipedidae
Podilymbus sp. Lesson 1831 grebe
 Pelecaniformes - Threskiornithidae
Eudocimus sp. Wagler 1832 ibis
 Anseriformes - Anatidae
Anas sp. Linnaeus 1758 dabbling duck
three forms
 Crocodylia - Alligatoridae
Alligator cf. mississippiensis Daudin 1801 American alligator
 Squamata - Colubridae
Nerodia cf. taxispilota Holbrook 1842 brown water snake
 Lagomorpha - Leporidae
Leporidae indet. Fischer de Waldheim 1817 rabbit
 Perissodactyla - Equidae
Nannippus peninsulatus Cope 1885 hipparionine horse
Equus sp. Linnaeus 1758 horse
 Carnivora - Procyonidae
cf. Procyon sp. Storr 1780 raccoon
 Xenarthra - Megalonychidae
Megalonyx leptostomus Cope 1893 edentate
 Xenarthra - Pampatheriidae
Holmesina floridanus Robertson 1976 edentate
 Xenarthra - Glyptodontidae
"Glyptotherium cf. arizonae" = Glyptotherium texanum
"Glyptotherium cf. arizonae" = Glyptotherium texanum Osborn 1903 glyptodon
 Proboscidea - Gomphotheriidae
Gomphotheriidae indet. Hay 1922 gomphothere
 Ungulata - Cervidae
cf. Odocoileus sp. Rafinesque 1832 New World deer